Meeting set to discuss impact on community if Kellogg school closes

By Patricia Breakey

Delhi News Bureau

     Meetings have begun to determine the future of the A.L. Kellogg Elementary School building in Treadwell, said Nancy Deming, chairwoman of the Kellogg building utilization advisory committee. The next meeting is at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Kellogg building, Deming said. She said the topic is the impact on the community if the building is closed. The meetings are open to the public and there will be a public comment period. "I think we should hear from as many people as possible on all of the issues involved in the decision," Deming said. Deming said the schedule includes a meeting at 7 p.m. Nov. 16 at Delhi High School to discuss the financial impact, including the Ke Advertisement llogg money; one at 7 p.m. Dec. 7 at the Kellogg school to discuss alternate uses for the building; and a meeting at 7 p.m. Dec. 14 to write a report on the findings of the committee. The advisory committee is made up of volunteers and includes representatives from the communities of Treadwell and Delhi, Delhi school board members, teachers, local government officials, school administrators and parents, Deming said. Helen Weerheim, 80, a Treadwell resident who serves on the committee, said she volunteered because she was Delaware Academy and Central School district clerk for 19 years, has been a resident of Treadwell for 58 years and knew Judge Kellogg. "Judge Kellogg would be rolling over in his grave is he thought there wasn’t going to be a school (in Treadwell)," Weerheim said. "This school is important to the people of Treadwell. It’s the heart of the co What's Related Otsego County Area news briefs Memorial Day Events Delhi school project is topic of meeting Into the Streets set for Saturday Area schools adapt when fewer enroll Ex-Meredith resident bequeaths funds to seven groups LiveStrong bracelet sales to help foundation, UNICEF mmunity." Kellogg’s estate left money to sustain the Treadwell school and support the Delhi school district. Weerheim said if the Kellogg building is not going to remain an elementary school, it should still be used for educational purposes. Deming said the agenda for the meetings is based on state education law procedures for closing a school building. According to Section 402-a of the education law, an advisory committee is established at least six months before a proposed school closing to investigate the educational impact. The committee will prepare an educational impact statement that considers:

• Current and projected pupil enrollment, the prospective need for such a building, the ramifications of the closing on the community, initial costs and savings resulting from the closing, and the potential disposability of the closed school.

• Possible use of the school building for other educational programs or administrative services. • The effect of such closing on personnel needs and on the costs of instruction, administration, transportation and other support services.

• Type, age and physical condition of the building, outstanding indebtedness, maintenance and energy costs, recent or planned improvements for the building, and its special features.

• Ability of the other schools in the affected district to accommodate pupils if the school building closes.

• Possible shared use of space in the school building during or after regular school hours. Deming said that after the report is completed, the school board will conduct public hearings on the matter before the board makes a decision.

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