Treadwell Volunteer Fire Department
PO Box 198
Treadwell New York 13846-0198

October 5, 2006

Dear Neighbor:

Fall is in the air and that means it’s time for your Treadwell Volunteer Fire Department & Community Improvement Club’s annual fund drive. Combining the Fire Department and Community Improvement Club’s fund raising efforts into this one mail solicitation has proven to be a successful venture, with both organizations and our wonderful community benefiting each year from your generous donations.

We wish to remind you of all the many community programs and services your fire department provides in addition to responding to emergencies. Our Halloween & Christmas Parties for the youngsters, Christmas fund donations to benefit our seniors, financial support for the “No Alcohol - After Prom Party and fire prevention programs all come from the non-tax dollars you contribute This year’s Halloween Party will be at the Fire House, notices will be posted during October. We will also be hosting our annual Children’s Christmas Party - the Saturday afternoon before Christmas Day. Look for posted notices, as we get closer to the holidays.

The Treadwell Emergency Squad would like to offer a special thank you to everyone who donated to last years “Operation Rescue” fund drive project. The ATV, rescue sled and trailer have all been purchased and the EMS Squad will be hosting an “Open House” this fall so everyone can see the new equipment.

This year your donations wil go to our “Rescue Truck Fund Project”. We had been hoping to upgrade our old 1981 ambulance into a modern rescue truck. Because of the vehicle’s age and conversion cost, we realize this is not a practical or cost effective undertaking. Last winter we received a bequest and are using these funds as the foundation for this new Rescue Truck Fund. We hope to raise an additional $25,000.00 in donations and grants so that we may purchase this unit ourselves. This way we avoid the need to requisition your taxpayer dollars from the Franklin-Treadwell Fire District. Most “grants” are matching fund grants, which makes your donation that much more important and critical.

The Treadwell Community Improvement Club is dedicated in their support of Treadwell as a unique rural community. Their sponsorship of the Memorial Day Parade, American flags on our light poles, student scholarships and other community educational & entertainment events all contribute to making Treadwell a very special place to live and visit. We have enclosed a copy of their latest “Newsletter” for your reading enjoyment.

Our fire department and emergency squad is feeling the impact as volunteerism declines nationwide. We have designed a new “recruitment brochure” (copies available at Barlow’s General Store), and along with our other recruitment efforts we are working hard to alleviate this problem here in Treadwell.

Donations of any amount are needed, welcome and appreciated. We have included a self-addressed envelope for your convenience and request you make checks out to the Treadwell Volunteer Fire Dept. As a property owner and therefore member of our special community, we hope you will again favor us with your confidence and financial support. Thank you.


Jim Lynch, Chief- Treadwell V.F.D.

Nancy Barnes, President - Treadwell Community Improvement Club

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